Established in 2017, AMEEN LTD is a contemporary mens' fashion brand that is based in London but  globally serving a fresh style whilst serving a larger purpose. We produce a limited number of each design to keep our customers and products unique and our catalogue of products are ever-changing in our effort to tackle cheap labour via mass production. Fashion is extremely influential; by merging our passions for both fashion and charity we have created Ameen Ltd to change the world in style by donating 10% of our profits to charities. Despite our Arabic calligraphy logo we represent everyone! Ameen or Amen is a statement used to express solemn agreement. Ameen means certainty, truth and verily. The word is used in  Christianity, Judaism and Islam to express agreement with God's truth - which we believe is to help others.
The statement is at the forefront of our brand; At Ameen Ltd we express our solemn agreement with being kind to humanity, our brand represents the truth and through our brand we aim to change the world one small step at a time. We support fair trade globally and sustaining local businesses. Ameen Ltd only work with reputable companies and manufacturers who support fair pay and workers rights, the issue of unfair child labour and sweatshops is one we do take a stance against and at Ameen Ltd we are proud to say that our products have all been produced 100% ethically. Our products are all embroidered in a small privately owned store in London, we believe it is just as important to support local businesses and create sustainability at home in the U.K. as well as across the globe.
At Ameen Ltd we have developed many different projects that we are constantly working on to help those in need and 10% of every Ameen Ltd purchase is donated to our customers' chosen charity; with your help we have donated to Anxiety UK, Water Aid, Islamic Relief, Cancer Research, British Red Cross, Muslim Hands, Orphans In Need, Shelter UK plus many more. #Hats4homeless is another scheme at Ameen Ltd; for every beanie cap that is purchased we will match you and donate a beanie to the homeless. Through our upcoming project 'Gift of water' we aim to construct 4 community wells in the most deprived areas of the world giving thousands of children and people access to clean water. To keep up with our journey please follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!